FCN Founder to speak at the first European Athletics ‘Coaches Club’ in Berlin 2018



As part of the first ever European Athletics Coaches Club being held at the European Athletics Championships in Berlin this summer, the founder of the FCN spend some time speaking with coaches from across Europe about the impact of a diverse coaching community and the need for more female coaches.

Throughout the week, coaches heard from the likes of Frank Dick, Martin Bingisser and Marco Cardinale including a keynote speech with Head of GB Paralympic Team Paula Dunn.

The FCN presentation titled “The Strength of Female Coaches, Low in Numbers, High in Success Rate”, addressed that whilst there are indeed a lack of women coaches in sport, the success rate of these coaches can be incredibly high.

During the presentation, the FCN shared a number of stats from the world of sport and business of instances in which a female head coach has led to a huge success rate.



The FCN will be looking into conducting more detailed research in this areas covering more sports in the future and will continue to spread the message of “the strength of female coaches” at future European Athletics events.










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