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Marilyn Okoro -

#WorldMentalHealthDay ; “Depression or Anxiety which is it then?”

??Depression or Anxiety which is it then?? Those were the impatient and frank words of the British Athletics Doctor I was charged to at the holding camp preparing for Daegu World Championships 2011!

As if it were a choice, as easily made as picking rice or pasta as my carb for dinner!

Inside, I knew he didn?t care, he had other athletes to attend too, the ones he deemed worth his time, the ones who would bring the medal!

But how about this?

How different would my experience have been if the ones who were supposed to be helping me execute took the time to understand what was happening on the inside and not solely caring about what I delivered on the outside!

Good Mental Health is so important for everyone, which is why I can?t keep quiet about spreading awareness!

You never know what someone is truly dealing with but imagine if we took the time to check in on each other, especially those we think are so strong on the outside so they cant possibly be dealing with a mental illness! Assumptions are never a good idea!

Often time, I like to use the term ?depleted? in reference to my depression so now I take time to make sure i am filling up the cup with my faith, self care, self love and the right support network who I know care and value me for who I am, not just what I can do!

It?s ok not to be okay sometimes, and never be afraid to ask for help, just make sure it?s from the right source!



Marilyn Okoro?is a?British Track Athlete, two time Olympian and Bronze Medallist, World Championship Medallist and European Championship medallist. ?Her main event being 800m, Marilyn also has impressive records in the 400m, 4x400m and the 1500m. ?Marilyn is also a mentor and speaker to athletes all over the World.

Follow Marilyn on Twitter:?@mokoro4


  1. Jeanine van Greunsven


    Brave to share yr story and true. Mental health and physical health are both important and to be worked on a a lifetime. No one can say This is not my cup of tea or in my backyard. Life comes with surprises and we have to deal with it ourselves and stay with respect and empathy connected with other people. Really interested in their lives because of who they are not What they are.

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