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Leeds Beckett University -

Have Your Say: Blowing the whistle on doping in sport through evidence-informed policy making

Leeds Beckett University have launched new research into doping in sport and gaining an understanding into whistleblowing on drugs cheats.?


My name is Dr Kelsey Erickson and I am a?Senior?Research Fellow at Leeds Beckett University (LBU;?UK). Thank you for your interest in this project. Please read this information sheet carefully before considering?participating.


What is the project about?

  • Revisions to global anti-doping policy and growing evidence of systematic doping in sport means athletes and support personnel are increasingly encouraged to?whistleblow?on doping.

  • The introduction of ?report doping in sport? hotlines highlights the growing emphasis on intelligence-driven approaches to anti-doping.

  • Thereis an urgent need to?gain a better understanding of the concept of whistleblowing on doping?in order to inform future advancesin whistleblowing policy development.


What does the study involve?

  • If you agree to participate, you will be invited to?complete a questionnaire that explores your views towards whistleblowing on doping.


Do you have to take part?

  • No. It is up to you whether you agree to participate.

  • Your decision about whether or not to participate will not affect you in any way or your current or future relationship with the research team.

  • You may choose not to participate, or stop participating, at any time without penalty.

  • If you choose to withdrawyou can simply?stop filling out the questionnaire and leave the room.


Are there benefits to being in the research project?

  • Participating will provide?you with an opportunity to inform developments?in?global anti-doping whistleblowing policy and practice.


What are the possible risks of taking part in this study?

  • We do not expect there will be any risks or inconveniences associated with taking part in this project.


What about confidentiality?

  • The data is being collected?anonymously; we will not ask you to identify yourself or anyone else and nobody will be able to match your responses with yourself.

  • Only members of the?LBU?research team?will?haveaccess to the information collected.

  • All hard copy data will be kept in a locked storage compartment.

  • The results of this research may be presented at conferences and/or published in professional journals.


Legal basis for processing personal data?

  • As part of this project we will be recording personal data relating to you. This will be processed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Under GDPR the legal basis for processing your personal data will be public interest/the official authority of the University.


Your rights?

  • You have the right to request to see a copy of the information we hold about you and to request corrections or deletions of the information that is no longer required.

  • You have the right to withdraw from this project at any time without giving reasons and without consequences to you. You also have the right to object to us processing relevant personal data however, please note thatthe data is being collected anonymously so once it is submitted we will not be able to remove itfrom the study.


What will happen next?

If you agree to participate, please access the survey using this link:



Upon entering the web page, you will be presented with a reminder of the information related to the research. Next, you?will be invited to provide your informed consent. You will then enter the survey.


Who can I contact for further information about this studyorifI wish to complain?

Please feel free to contact a member of the research team to discuss this study in further detail:


Principal Investigator:Dr Kelsey Erickson, Email:?

If you would like independent advice about any aspect of the study, please contact Dr Toni Williams, Senior Lecturer;?Email:?


You have a right to lodge a complaint regarding data protection issues and to do this you can contact the University?s Compliance & Casework team on 0113 812 3401 or?


Thank you for your help with this important research project.







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