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FCN FOCUS: American Football – “Lessons from the first woman to coach in the NFL” – LESSON 2

“Play Big: Lessons in being limitless, from the first woman to coach in the NFL” is a sports memoir from Jen Welter.

Jen Welter became a linebackers coach for the arizona Cardinals in 2015, she was the first woman to break the glass sideline of the NFL.  Pre-NFL, Jen was an undersized, underestimated athlete who made sacrifce after sacrifce to achieve her dreams – rising to the top of women’s football leagues and eventually daring to play against men twice her size.  Her book – Play Big – lays out how she suceeded despite the odds, revealing the wisdom Jen gained over countless set backs and challenges.  In 2015, ESPNW named her one of the 25 most influential women in sport.  Jen also holds a doctorate degree in Psychology, a Master’s in Sport Psychology and a bachelor’s degree from Boston College.

During January 2019 in the new FCN feature: FCN FOCUS – we will be sharing some of those lessons Jen learned along the way as we focus on American Football.



Lesson 2


Check the Character of your Characters in your Life:

Trust your gut: if something seems off with someone, it likely is.

Watch how they act and behave.  Is it consistent or erratic?

How do they treat other people?

What are their friends like?

When you ask tough questions, do they yell as a defence mechanism or power play?

Do they get sensitive when you ask personal questions?


look at the people you share your life with from a holistic perspective.  Introduce them to your family and friends, and solicit feedback.  Remember that the people who love you will want you to live up to your potential, not hold you back.  Don’t worry how far deep in you are.  Get out when you know it’s wrong.



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