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Cat Lutz -

Expanding Coaching Knowledge: An Examination of the Current Use of Pre-Game Speech Strategies in Basketball



My name is Cat Lutz and I am a PhD student at The University of Essex (UK).

Thank you for showing interest in this project. Please read the information provided carefully before deciding whether or not to participate.



What is the project about?

Coaches typically use a pre-game speech to enhance confidence and performance of their athletes for an upcoming competition. However, little is known about the actual strategies employed by coaches and their impact on collective efficacy beliefs.?

The aim of this study is to examine the current use and perceived impact of the pre-game speech in basketball.?

By understanding the different types of strategies utilised by coaches during a pre-game speech, further examination into the impact that the pre-game speech has on athletes is attainable. This may allow for future coaching resources to be developed.



What does this study involve?

If you agree to take part, you will be asked to complete a short survey on the strategies you use during pre-game speeches.?

At the end of the study you will have the option of providing an email address, if you wish to participate in a follow-up section of this study.?

Part two of this study includes examining a list of pre-game speech strategies that are generated from Part one of this study and ranking them in order of perceived usefulness and perceived potential impact on team performance.?

If you do not wish to participate further, you may submit the questionnaire without providing an email address.



Do you have to take part?

Participation is completely voluntary, so you are free to decide whether you would like to participate or not.?

Consent to participate in this study is obtained prior to any survey questions being asked.

You may choose not to participate, or stop participating, at any time without penalty.?



Are there benefits in the research project?

Participation in this study will help provide valuable information and give insight into the current use of the pre-game speech, which we hope will help shape future coaching practice.?



What are the possible risks of taking part in this study?

Participation in this research project is voluntary and you may choose to stop the survey at any point. So we do not expect any risks associated with participating in this study.?



What about confidentiality?

Upon agreeing to participate in this study, any data collected from you will be treated confidentially and your identity will remain anonymous.?

If you choose to participate in the follow-up portion of this study, you will not be named in any future work and as soon as you have been contacted, your email address will be deleted.?

Data collected from participants during part one of the study will not be linked with data collected from participants in the second part of the study.?

The results of this research may be presented at conferences and/or published in professional journals, however, any identifying information will be removed and anonymity assured.?



Legal basis for processing personal data?

All data will be handled, processed and stored in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.


Your rights?

You have the? right to withdraw at any point while completing the survey and the right to withdraw any answers you give during the survey up to the point of data analysis. This can be done by contacting the lead researcher.?


What will happen next?

If you agree to participate, please click the link to open the survey:








Upon entering the web page, you will be presented with a participation information sheet and a consent form. Once this is complete, you will begin the survey.?


Who can I contact for further information about this study or if I wish to complain?

Please feel free to contact a member of the research team to discuss this study in further detail:

Lead Researcher: Catherine Lutz:

Supervisor of project: Dr Paul Freeman:

Thank you for your time and help with this research project!?




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