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FCN Deliver ‘Spar Sports Club’ at the British Indoor Track & Field Championships


The FCN delivered the ‘Spar Sports Club’ initiative at the British Indoor Track and Field Championships in Birmingham UK this weekend as over 1200 spectators were put through their paces in the ‘Beat the Elite’ Challenge. ?


During the two day champs, the team worked hard to provide both children and adults the opportunity to experience running on the Assault AirRunner treadmill, specially designed to allow the athlete to keep their running form and provide an almost exact replication of outdoor running – unlike other traditional treadmills.

In addition, the team made up of athletics coaches, a sports therapist, a nutritionist and sports psychologist, provided support and coaching to those interested in taking up the activity of running and those wanting to become running / track and field coaches.

For more information about the Spar Sports Club CLICK HERE



The Championships themselves saw some tremendous results as athletes fought for qualification for the up and coming European Championships to be held in Glasgow on the 1st – 3rd March 2019.

Full list off results CLICK HERE


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