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Rachael Steil -

FCN FOCUS: RUNNING – “Running in Silence”



Meet Rachael Steil, athlete, advocate, author and speaker.

Rachael Steil?[?Style?] began the website “Running In Silence” in December 2012 in the midst of her binge eating disorder, and as a cross country and track runner at Aquinas College, USA. Unable to find many stories about athletes dealing with eating disorders, Rachael decided to blog about her own journey in the hopes that it might speak to others running in silence.

Rachael Steil is now an eating disorder in sports recovery advocate and the author of Running in Silence (Koehler Books, 2016). She is also the founder and speaker for the Running in Silence nonprofit to break misconceptions and raise awareness for eating disorders in sports, and serves on the board for the Michigan Eating Disorder Alliance (MiEDA). Rachael was 6th and 7th place NAIA All-American in cross country and track, and now coaches high school cross country. Her story has been featured in U.S. News and World Report, Fox17, WoodTV8, Women?s Running, and more.

Rachael speaks publicly about eating disorders to share her recovery story, create awareness, and bring hope to coaches and athletes. Please click the button below to contact her for rates and availability.




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