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#WomensWednesday -

#WomensWednesday – Does female only coach education work?


With the increased awareness of the lack of women coaches in sport, comes a host of projects from sports governing bodies around the World. ?Whether its the new AFLW Female Coaches Academy in Australia, the England Athletics Women’s Coaches Programme or even the FCN itself…

But with all these things in mind – are we actually seeing an increase of female coaches at the top of the sport?



Away from the stats and figures, we want to know your thoughts of experiencing these female only coach projects,

  • Have you attended any female only coach education programmes? ?What are your thoughts?
  • Do you prefer female only workshops and conferences?
  • How can governing bodies turn attendance of these conferences into actual coaching positions for female coaches?
  • Do you cringe at the thought of female only projects?


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  1. Kathy Butler


    I have not attended a female only coach education programme but feel like some break out sessions might be good. There are a few options where I coach in the US but they are more oriented at university coaches and nothing in general NGB coaching model. I think discussion on how to increase women’s numbers in coaching is good both for women and men and those in the administrative or lead roles within the NGBs. I do think there are unique aspects of women in coaching but I do cringe a little only because I want to be seen as a coach first and foremost! No male or female, just coach.

  2. Nancy Plantz


    I believe. That women should coach women .
    The women coaches conferences need to be women only.
    There is a low percentage of head women coaches
    The athletic directors that hire coaches are mostly men .girls and women need good women role models.Women understand what it takes to be a
    What it is like to compete as a female.There
    Are many great women coaches who are not
    Given equal opportunity to coach .
    Head women coaches need to hire female assistant coaches so that they get the experience
    Needed to be a head coach.
    Women need an opportunity to lead girls and some.
    How many women speak at mens? sport
    To me women conferences should be run by
    Women not men .

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