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#WomensWednesday -

#WomensWednesday: How can you reach the Olympic Games in your sport with only a 10% chance?


Thoughts of reaching the Olympic Games is at the heart of many Coaches ambitions. ?Seeing an athlete perform on the World’s biggest sporting stage is the stuff of dreams…and something which requires full commitment and dedication by both athlete and coach.

Elite sport is a tough World to be in, but for female coaches, this proves even harder.

Whilst the IOC have succeeded in increasing the number of female competitors (now at 50% male and female), did you know that in the last 4 Olympic Games, female coach representation has only reached an average of 10%.

That’s every sport and every country involved in both the Summer and Winter Olympics bringing only a 10% faculty of women coaches.

That’s a total of:

4 Olympic Games

581 Countries

174 Sports

792 Events

27,445 athletes

11,944 Accredited Coaches

ONLY: 1,194 female accredited coaches (average)


We are only talking about accredited coaches here, so the figures for individual sports and personal coaches may differ – for better or worse.

Pretty depressing stats if you’re a female with ambitions of coaching at the Olympic Games.



This week, we want to know:

  • How do these figures make you feel?
  • Do you feel it’s impossible to achieve your own Olympic dream?
  • What does your Olympic Governing body / sport need to do to ensure this figure improves?



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