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Louise Capicotto -

Never Settle



Something that was really instilled in me from my coach was to never settle for anything less than what it was that I wanted to achieve! During years of being unwell with eating disorders & depression, my dream of graduating from Loughborough University & going on to work in sport was drifting further & further away from me. As the years went on, I gradually accepted more & more support in the form of in-patient, out-patient & day patient treatments, followed by years of private therapy with a great psychologist in St Albans who supported me during my decision to return to Loughborough University where I successfully completed the final two years of my undergraduate degree & graduated with a 2:1 ? I had achieved my initial goal, but what next?!
From my own personal experiences with mental illnesses as an athlete coupled with the knowledge gained during my undergraduate degree, I became very passionate about sport & exercise psychology & sports coaching; the huge benefits that sport & exercise can bring to individuals but also being pro-active in recognising & addressing the ?darker side? of sport, such as negative perfectionism, burnout, depression & disordered eating.
Following this, I gained distinctions in two Master?s degrees & I am now in the final 9-10 months or so of grinding out the work to become HCPC Registered ??? – because if you?re going to do something, you sure as hell better do it properly & with everything you?ve got! I don?t do things half-assed… I use my full ass. Throughout this time, not once did I feel comfortable. There were hundreds of times where I felt like quitting & didn?t think I could do it but what drove me was a sense of hope that things would be better if I just stuck it out.
The point of my ramblings? ? There will be some people who project their own limitations onto you which have the potential to hold you back if you listen to them. ?You can?t do that…? ?It?ll be a lot of hard work which you might not be able to handle…? YOU ARE NOT THEM. Your vision & work ethic will be very different to theirs. Be selective in what advice you choose to take onboard! ???


Bio: Louise Capicotto is a?Sport & Exercise Psychologist based in the UK. ?She has worked in a number of high performance sport positions including Leicester City Football Club and British Gymnastics.

If you would like to get in touch with Louise to find out more about Sports Psychology, please email her on? visit her website:?

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