Would you take part in more online learning if it was available?



Online learning can be of huge benefit to coaches who want to learn more about their sport and about coaching.  It allows participants a convenient and flexible approach to learning, whilst often providing a cost effective way to develop themselves in their profession.

With the rise of webinars, courses and video content, is online learning something you embrace, or do you prefer to stick to more traditional approaches of physical attendance and conferences?

This week, we want to ask you:



  • If there were more opportunities available to learn online, would you embrace them?
  • What kind of online learning would you like / do you need?
  • How valuable is online learning to you?
  • What online learning do you take part in at the moment?
  • How much would you be willing to pay for online learning?


Post your comments below!



  1. I would participate in online content but it has to be supported with how to implement at the coal face. Practical application is so important.


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