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Fight To End Cancer -

Fight to End Cancer 2019 – Update from the founder Jennifer Huggins


Fight to End Cancer is an organisation and event founded by Canadian Boxing Coach and Referee Jennifer Huggins. ?Founded in 2011, the Fight To End Cancer has donated over $1,000,000.00 CAD?in support of cancer research, with proceeds going directly to the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation.

Each year, in support of the event, FCN have featured the female fighters and Jennifer. ?This year, we had a quick catchup to find out how she is feeling after raising over $1 million CAD and her what she has been up to since last year.


You’ve raised over ?1 million through FTEC – how does that feel, and what keeps you motivated each year to raise more?


When I take a moment to absorb the gravity of how much funds and awareness we?ve raised since 2011, I have to admit it?s quite an accomplishment. However, the financial contributions are a rewarding by-product of the incredible journey we embark on each year when we take on a new team with very personal ambitions. Each fighter, and their desire to make an impact, continues to redefine and grow the purpose of Fight To End Cancer.



Can you talk to us about the process each fighter goes through from the very beginning of their journey to fight night??


The technical process of selecting and training the team, has a structure that is geared toward preparing the team for an Olympic-Style sanctioned boxing match. What no one can prepare the FTEC Team for, is the overall impact they make on their friends, family and community. The process has a way of being all-consuming for the FTEC Fighters. They literally eat, sleep and breathe boxing and fighting cancer, figuratively. I?m guessing it can be as much of a relief for family members as it is for the fighters when fight night finally arrives. In reality, the team represents education, motivation and true ambassadors of the community. There?s not much that can prepare an individual for a journey like Fight To End Cancer.



As a coach, what are the most important aspects of training to look after for brand new fighters?

Inherently, as a boxing referee, I feel that safety comes first. When coaching new boxers, I find that educating them on the importance of technique helps them to focus on the sweet science. Contrary to the popular assumption (that boxing is violent), when learned and executed properly, boxing is a beautiful art form.



Can you update us on your refereeing – what events have you been involved with over the last year and what’s coming up this year?


My last assignment took me to the World Championships in India. There are many qualifying tournaments this year as we head into Tokyo 2020. I eagerly await my next assignment and look forward to seeing the incredible talent our sport will be showcasing in the next Olympic Games.



What does it mean to you to be able to feature two fights for women?

Though women?s boxing has become quite popular in recent years, it?s incredible how many people still have a negative impression of the sport.

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