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#WomensWednesday -

#WomensWednesday – Is choosing between family and elite coaching something female coaches just have to accept?



This week, England Netball Head Coach Tracy Neville announced that she will be stepping down as Head Coach after this summers Netball World Cup. ?Tracey has been the Head Coach since 2015 and lead the Roses to their most successful streak of all time which included becoming Champions at the Commonwealth Games in 2018. ?The former England shooter says her decision to step down is to “start a family” and her “ambition to have a family is something [she] wants to commit to after the World Cup.”

This is a decision that female coaches face all over the World, and something which male coaches do not (necessarily) need to make. ?Amelia Mauresmo stepped down from coaching male tennis player Andy Murray because she wanted to spend more time with her young family,


To read more from female coaches who have juggled pregnancy, having a family and their coaching career CLICK HERE




  • Do we just have to accept that a woman has to chose between elite coaching and having a family?
  • Can women return to the top of the coaching tree after having a baby?
  • Is it possible to have maternity leave and come back to where you left off?


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