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#WomensWednesday -

#WomensWednesday; Should we be making goals & pitches smaller for women’s football & sport in general?


Keeping with our FIFA World Cup theme, this weeks #WomensWednesday discussion has been inspired by the comments made by Chelsea FC Head Coach Emma Hayes when she suggested that the women’s game should have smaller goals to accommodate for women.  Interviewed on British TV, Emma said: “If the same male player and female player were to be in standing positions and both jump, the range for a male is going to be greater than that of a woman….There is often a criticism about goal keeping in the women’s game, I would argue that the goal is just a little bit too big.”


Hope Solo, USA’s former World Cup winning Goalkeeper expressed her views on the topic recently by saying the comments are sexist and that she “takes great offence” to the suggestion.


To read more about Emma Hayes comment CLICK HERE


To read more about Hope Solo’s comments CLICK HERE 


Other sports have adapted the sports equipment to suit for women; women’s hurdles in track & field are shorter (including the distance 100m rather than the men’s 110m), Women’s NBA in the US play with a smaller ball then the men’s game, women’s tennis only goes to 3 games rather than best of 5 for the men, and the entire sport of netball was created specifically for women to accommodate their dress code in the early 1900’s – so why not change the goal posts for women’s soccer?



  • Should women’s sport have smaller goals, pitches, courts and baskets to accommodate for women being generally smaller than men?
  • Does anyone agree with Hope Solo about the suggestion being sexist?
  • How can we argue for equality if we literally change the goal posts?
  • Would changing the game make it more exciting?



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