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So you’ve decided to join the growing Cannabinoid (CBD) movement and try it yourself. You’ve heard such great reviews on how CBD can help aid with a number of different areas but now you want to find the easiest way to use the product. If you are overwhelmed by the wide variety of CBD products then you are not alone. There are many products and methods to deliver CBD into your body.

This guide is will educate you on the 3 easiest ways to consume CBD:

CBD Oil Drops

This is seen to be the most common method of consuming CBD. The oil is delivered using a pipette or spray and placed under the tongue. It is then left under the tongue for 60 seconds to give maximum absorption. Aside from vaping this is seen as the quickest way to absorb the oil into your bloodstream. However, you can also add CBD oil to food. Foods that are higher in fat can help your body absorb the CBD more effectively. Many put a few drops into their morning flat whites or fresh pressed juices.

500mg CBD Oil

CBD Capsules

Gel capsules are a great, mess-free way to know exactly how much CBD you are getting in a dose. CBD capsules are perfect to take first thing in the morning or late at night. They tend to be long lasting and are slower releasing due to the fact they are absorbed through the stomach.

Cbd Capsule

CBD Balm (topically)

Carrier oils and creams can be infused with CBD oil for easy application to the body. Applied this way, the CBD reaches cannabinoid receptors but does not get into your bloodstream. CBD balm can be used to apply directly to sore areas and great for irritated skin.

CBD Balm

Taking CBD

The most important thing to remember when taking CBD oil for the first time is to start small and slowly work out the appropriate dosage once you gauge your body’s reaction.

Starting on a lower strength allows you to find your level slowly increasing after a week if you don’t get the benefits you were after. fourfive

CBD recommend starting with 1/4 pipette (or 2 x sprays 3 times a day) of our 500mg CBD oil.

Seeking guidance from a medical professional is recommended, especially if you have a serious condition.





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