Coach Well-Being; cbd oil and drug tests (Will you test positive?)



CBD (cannabidiol) is rapidly taking over the world’s market for natural wellness remedies. It has been suggested that CBD could be used to benefit a number of different issues and help maintain and support an active lifestyle. However, with so much growing support for the use of CBD for general health, there also comes the fear of failing a drug test, especially in the sporting world.

Can CBD really appear in a drug test?

Drugs tests don’t tend to test for CBD specifically, so if you are taking a 100% CBD product you shouldn’t have much to worry about. The use of CBD has recently been cleared by the World Anti Doping Association for use in sports (Jan 2018). However, what drug tests do test for, when testing CBD, is the traces of THC metabolites that may have entered your system with CBD. THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is the psychoactive compound of cannabis that causes you to get high and is banned in most sports and work testing programmes.

Still, within the CBD market, there is a lot of grey areas when it comes to the THC content within a chosen CBD product. By law, all CBD has to be 0.2% THC or below in the UK and 0.3% THC in the US. Any reputable brand will be well within these limits and will be able to provide test certificates to prove this. Many people believe that the CBD they consume is THC free, but this depends on where they source their CBD from and what product they buy.

How can CBD fail your drugs test?

If you where to fail a drugs test for CBD it would most likely be down to the two following issues:

1). If the CBD product you take has THC in it (even traces, although highly unlikely)

2). The CBD product you take has been exposed to cross-contamination of banned substances. This is usually through poor manufacturing practice (e.g. THC or other banned substances that find their way into the products).


How can I prevent CBD from failing a drugs test?

To avoid failing a drugs test you should avoid buying CBD from an unreliable producer or buying cheap CBD products. Always make sure that your CBD is pure and THC-free by getting your products from a verified reputable source.

Many companies can provide fully tested 0% THC products. However, there are very few, if any, that can provide cross-contamination proof. Within the UK sports marketing, Informed Sports is the current benchmark standard for tested supplements and currently does not test CBD.

This puts athletes who want to use CBD in a tough place. George Kruis (fourfive CBD co-founder) says:

“If you are in any doubt then it is best to wait for a product that is firstly tested for THC and secondly tested for other contaminations. At the moment we know of no companies that do this and are excited to announce that in the near future we will have a product that ticks both those boxes specifically made for tested individuals.”

If you are a drug tested athlete then don’t take the risk of buying badly sourced CBD oil.





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