Emma Hayes and Me



Eni Aluko is embedded in English footballing history.  Not only has she played through the incredible development of women’s football, from the £40 a day pay from the FA to play for England, experiencing 70,000 fans at Wembley representing Team GB during her home Olympics, she has been a loud voice for equality throughout.

Writing in her book “They Don’t Teach This”, Eni Aluko says this of the first female club coach she ever had, Chelsea Manager Emma Hayes:

“Playing for Emma was a breath of fresh air.  She understood me as a player better than anyone else had, and let me entrain as a sprinter rather than trying to make me into a long distance runner.  Emma got the best out of me by showing she believed in me.  It was an affect she had on all the players.  As a result, the team was closer and more dedicated to the club and to one another than any I’d ever played in”




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