Buffalo Bills are “intentionally creating this culture of ‘best person for the job, period”


The Buffalo Bills have been at the forefront of coaching equality for a while now.  With intern coaches such as Kathryn Smith, Phoebe Schecter and Callie Brownson firmly on the books, the team also has women in roles such as that of Sports Scientist, Coordinator of Player services, College Scouting.,

In a recent tweet, Sam Rappoport (NFL Senior Director) said:

“Hats off to Terry & Kim Pegula Brandon Beane and Coach McDermott for intentionally creating this culture of ‘best person for the job, period’ in Buffalo.”


And the Bills followed it up with this tweet:


Congratulations to the Bills, a breath of fresh air to hear Coach Sean McDermott say the words:

“I am so proud of the men and women in the locker room”




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