Are we as women coaches doing all we can to get that job?




Three weeks ago, we interviewed Strength & Conditioning Coach Chelsea Romero.  Chelsea had just finished her third internship with the NFL Team the L.A. Rams.  Read her full interview HERE

In the interview, we asked her about the available jobs within the NFL, and how she might going about turning her internship into a full time role.

She told us some advice her Dad has always given her – the three ways to get a job using the acronym PRO. P = Performance, R= Relationships 0= Opportunities.

She explained further by saying that the first two are up to you as a coach – you have to ensure your performance as a coach is fantastic and then build relationships and a network around you to make sure people are aware of you.

The last one is the tricky one – the opportunities.  We all know that as a woman coach, the opportunities aren’t always there, and we will leave that discussion for another time,  but for this weeks discussion, we wanted to ask you – are you looking after your PR?



  • Are you doing all YOU can do to get you that job?
  • Do women coaches need to focus more on their own abilities and learning?
  • By shining in your performance and relationships, can you create your own opportunities?
  • Is there more that individuals can do to progress in their own career?



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