Do your family and friends struggle to understand your coaching commitments?


Being a coach requires commitment, dedication, sacrifice and putting your team and athletes first.  Being a coach is a 24/7 job.  There is no real down time being a coach, you are always on duty.

Friends and family who take interest in your role often only see Game Day – the glamorous part, the fun part, the pay off part…there are very few that see the real struggle, the hard work and the day in day out grind.

And because of that, friends and family can often become frustrated with your availability, whether this be time availability, or brain power availability.  If you’re not at practice, you’re usually thinking about practice, if you’re not at the game, you’re planning the game.

How does this affect your relationships with family and friends?  Do they understand? Do they give you grief?  Do you get frustrated with comments such as “have fun”, when you know Game day is anything but fun, its pretty dam stressful!

Share your thoughts and experiences below!




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