BOOK REVIEW: NFL100; A Century of Pro Football



REVIEW: Vicky, FCN Founder

I have been very blessed over the last few years to interview some of the best coaches in the World.  As a coach myself and a huge sports fan, there is no greater privilege in my role than to talk all things sports with incredible women from a plethora of backgrounds.

As a result, I get to learn about sports that I never had to the chance to watch or play growing up.

One of the sports I have really been diving into head first recently is American Football.  Being a Brit, there hasn’t been much opportunity to learn about the sport in mainstream media until now.

From an outsiders point of view, it’s a tough sport to learn about and I have to admit on occasion, whilst speaking with the likes of Coach Lori Locust of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, or coaching interns such as Jennifer King (Caroline Panthers), Chelsea Romero (L.A. Rams) and Phoebe Schecter (Buffalo Bills), on occasion, I haven’t had a clue who or what they were referring too!

Don’t get me wrong, I always do my due diligence of researching for an interview, but when you don’t know the sport, you just don’t know the sport!

So, in an attempt to change that, I have been burying my head in the books and as it’s the 100th year anniversary of the NFL, I thought a great place to start would be NFL 100; A Century of Pro Football.

NFL 100 is a beautiful ‘coffee table’ type book filled with incredible photo’s of players young and old.  It’s an inspiring view into how the game has changed over 100 years and how players gone by have impacted the players of today.

The book is broken up into sections framing each of the 10 decades of football retelling legendary football stories, highlighting star players and sharing some of the decades best stats and figures.

I particularly enjoyed reading about the innovations of each decade; it’s a stark comparison  of the 1940’s with the implementation of helmets to the high tech wizardry of embedding computer chips in players pads to monitor their every move in this last decade!

It’s the type of book that can be picked up at any page, or just to flick through and browse the incredible collection of sports photography.

I would recommend this book to any American Football coach or fan, or even Brits like me who want to learn about its history!




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