10% Off Master in Coaching Course


The FCN have partnered with the Cryuff Institue to offer a 10% discount on the Master in Sports Coaching Course.

To receive your 10% discount – email us at info@femalecoachingnetwork.com

The Master in Coaching is developed for everybody who seeks self-knowledge and self-development with the aim to improve oneself as a (sport) coach and/or manager.

This 7 month program is based on the vision of Johan Cruyff in which sport coaching is more than using tactical and technical knowledge. It is about yourself, the players & staff, the team and the environment. We believe that you can only coach others if you know how to coach yourself.

Each participant’s personal background is a base for further development and better understanding of oneself as a coach and/or manager. The principle of coaching is that you then apply this insight knowledge in counseling others. A personal coach will guide you in the process of realizing your personal goals for becoming a better coach, manager and/or person.

Due to our ‘Cruyffian’ style of learning, students of the Master in Coaching will gain insight into their own strengths and opportunities for improvement as a coach (that they will develop during the program), and their athletes/employees, with the aim to have a better understanding in order to improve performance.

Throughout the academic year, our professors and staff motivate and support the students to facilitate students’ personal development. They ensure all students, each with a different background and experiences, will be challenged in their learning. It will be a new step in the students’ personal development towards improving their individual and team performance.

Please ask for our brochure by completing the contact form at the bottom of this page and find out more about the Master in Coaching and our unique ‘Cruyffian’ approach to learning.

Next course begins: February 2020

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