Buccaneers Visited by Sporting Legend Billie Jean-King


As the Tampa Bay Buccaneers took to the field to play the Atlanta Falcons at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium of Week 13, one very special guest was in the house to pay a visit to two very special coaches.

Billie Jean-King, the 39 time Tennis Grand Slam winner, sporting legend and advocate for women’s sports for over 40 years, was present at the game to celebrate the achievements of Assistant D-Line Coach Lori Locust and Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach Maral Javadifar.

Whilst there are of course orther women coaching in the NFL, (during the 2016-2017 season, Kathryn Smith became the first woman to hold a full-time coaching position in the NFL with the Buffalo Bills. In 2017, Katie Sowers become the 49ers first female assistant Coach and in 2018, Kelsey Martinez became the Oakland Raiders’ first female assistant strength & conditioning coach), the Buccaneers, under Head Coach Bruce Arians, are the only team in NFL history to have two full time female coaches on their roster at the same time.

Billie Jean-King spent some time with the coaches over the weekend of the 24th November and interviewed both Lori and Maral for the TV show NFL: The Grind for the online channel EPIX.

Speaking on her twitter channel, Coach Lori said:

Legit, one of the biggest and best things to ever happen to me 💯💯 she’s the absolute 🐐🐐🐐

Read our Exclusive Interview with Coach Lori during pre-season 2019

Check out some of the clips from the show:

Check out this fantastic article written by Buccaneers Staff Writer: Carmen Vitali about Billie Jean Kings visit:

Billie Jean King Champions BA, the Bucs’ Diversity Efforts | Stories from the Road

You can watch the full film at this link by signing up to EPIX: https://www.epix.com/series/nfl-the-grind/season/1/episode/12/nfl-the-grind-s1-e12



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