Female Coaching Network and docUssist Announce Partnership to Protect Coaches Across the Globe


The Female Coaching Network is excited to announce a strategic partnership with docUssist, a first-of -its-kind, web-based documentation software, designed specifically to help protect the careers of those working in sports.  docUssist, designed by coaches and for coaches, is an easy to use documentation tool that helps to make organizing important emails, text messages and social media screenshots easy and effortless.

The Female Coaching Network will be supporting docUssist and its efforts to provide career protection to coaches at all levels and sports, particularly female coaches, who are under more and more scrutiny by student-athletes, parents, and administrators in today’s athletic environment. 

docUssist CEO and co-founder Marsha Frese says the partnership with the Female Coaching Network is the perfect teammate in the effort to support and empower coaches at all levels.   

Since we launched docUssist, I have been eager to partner with Vicky Huyton and her army of female coaches. Vicky is a passionate leader and launching the Female Coaching Network has clearly been a labor of love for Vicky.

docUssist and the Female Coaching Network have a shared mission and passion for the protection, promotion and elevation of female coaches, both domestically and around the globe.  We are thrilled to share our insight and expertise of how coaches can protect their careers and their programs. 

We are even more excited to finally play a role in the solution as well.

Marsha Frese – CEO & co-founder of docUssist

By partnering with docUssist, the Female Coaching Network is providing its members with the information and the tools to effectively protect their reputations and their careers.  This partnership will be an element of the new FCN strategy which will take shape in 2020, helping us to: “empower, enable and inspire female coaches to be the best they can be whilst creating cultural change within sport and sports federations.”

Marsha is very passionate about protecting coaching, having been through difficult experiences herself. Through the creation of this incredible software tool, Marsha wants to ensure that no one else is put in the position she was, and many others like her.

Being a coach in today’s world is no easy task. Our roles and workload are continually expanding leaving little time or brain power left for the coach to look after themselves. docUssist provides coaches with a tool to easily and quickly record vital information which may be needed for future reference.

I am very excited to be partnering with Marsha, and through docUssist, I hope we can prevent coaches from around the World from being hung out to dry!

Vicky Huyton – Founder of the FCN

Website: www.docUssist.org | Twitter: @docUssist | Instagram: @docussist_sports



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