About the FCN

Who We Are…

The Female Coaching Network is “The Leading Global Community of Female Coaches Who Support, Drive and Influence Real Change in Sports Diversity.”

The FCN is seeking to be the catalyst for cultural change within sport and how sport as a whole views and treats its female coaches, as well as how female coaches see their own experiences and opportunities within sport.

By creating connections, building networks and challenging the status quo, the FCN will provide coaches and sports federations with the tools to ensure that the culture around hiring and retainment of coaches changes, for good.The overall aim is to ensure the ‘best coach’ is hired and not hired based on gender or ‘age old’ cultural norms.

The FCN believes it is the coaches themselves who are the greatest teachers and influencers and have the knowledge and desire themselves to drive real change in performance and participation.

‘For Female Coaches, By Female Coaches’

Our Goal

To be the catalyst for sustainable gender equality growth and retention in sports coaching


Our Vision 

To empower, enable and inspire female coaches to be the best they can be whilst creating cultural change within sport and sports federations.


Our Strategy 

The FCN believes there are 3 key elements that need to be in place to ensure a coach progresses in their career: performance, relationships, opportunities. 

These 3 keys elements form the strategy of the FCN called PRO.


The performance aspect of being a coach is solely down to the coach.  The coach must ensure they have the knowledge and experience they need to perform at their highest level, whatever that highest level is (i.e. grassroots, age group, development or elite)


The relationships aspect of being a coach refers to the relationships and network that surround the coach.  Coaching can rarely be done successfully in isolation and it is important that all coaches create a network of mentors, peers, and role models to help them progress and succeed.


Coaching roles can only exist if the opportunity to take the role is created by the team, athlete or sports federation.  It is important to educate athletes to consider working with a female coach, sports federations need the tools and pathways in place to employ women coaches and teams need a culture that welcomes all coaching talent. 

The PRO strategy allows the FCN to focus its work and innovation on developing these 3 elements to ensure more women reach their potential and ambition in their coaching careers and sports federations support these women in doing so.

Using the FCN website as the hub of the program, PRO can be recreated for all sports, and even benefit from mixing sports and cross-sport sharing.



Our Pledge 

To Coaches

The FCN will provide you with a supportive arena to connect, share and develop.  We will help you access resources that will improve your own performance as a coach and the tools to build the networks and relationships you need to succeed.

To Sports Federations 

The FCN will provide you with the tools, knowledge and resources to support an increase of women coaches throughout your sport.  We will provide you with benchmarking statistics, analyse your current developments and provide examples of good practice and strategies to work towards gender equality. 


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