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The FCN is a volunteer run organisation aiming to have a big impact in the World of Sport and raise the profile of female coaches.  So far, the FCN has been funded solely by it’s founder, but as the network grows we are now relying on donation to support its activities.

A donation of £10 will go towards the monthly hosting cost of the FCN website and a donation of £100 will go towards the fund raising of the FCN Academy which will provide female coaches a unique a flexible way to develop as coaches.

On top of that, we are hoping to bring in sponsorship to allow the FCN to achieve the following aims:

  • provide female coaches with a supportive arena to connect, learn and develop
  • create a unique and innovative online interactive community for female coaches
  • deliver annual female coaching physical conferences at various multi-sport events
  • provide support for female coaches in deprived communities around the Globe
  • speak out for all female coaches in the media
  • raise the profile of female coaches in all sports, all countries at all levels

To find out more, please contact us at

If you are unable to donate funding – why not donate in other ways?  The FCN is always looking for new people to get involved with social media, blog writing, interviews and writing content – contact us at to get involved.