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Become one of our FCN Supporters and help us to keep the FCN community going! ?We are “The?World?s Only International, Multi-Sport Online Community for Female Sports Coaches.”


Vision: A more diverse workforce of coaches across all levels, in all sports, from all countries.

Mission: To raise the profile of, the standard of and the opportunities for female sports coaches around the World.

?I wanted to create an online arena that women would be inspired by and in which they could connect with each other to develop a truly unique, proactive and supportive coaching community. As a coach myself, I have experienced the good, the bad and the ugly of sport and realise that whilst we have come a long way, there is still much further to go to achieve true equality. I believe it is vital that we proactively join together and begin creating the foundations for future generations to thrive on and increase the number of women coaching sports.?

Founder – Vicky Huyton


As it is, the FCN as a whole costs up to ?5,000 a year to run and currently it has no sponsor, relying heavily on volunteers. ?It is hoped that through this Patreon membership, we can not only raise this funding in order to keep the FCN alive, but also bring in sufficient funding to allow us to grow the network, supporting more and more women across the Globe.

If you are a female coach, please help us ?pave the way for future generations of coaches, highlight the need for coaching equality & opportunities and support women around the World by creating a truly unique global network.


How to become an FCN Supporter

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