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"The conference was ABSOLUTELY amazing. To see so many women from so many different backgrounds, sport, etc all in one place, learning together - the excitement was surreal."

Kari Krakow - Track Coach (Wisconsin, USA)

"It was highly-inspiring ? as a young, female sports coach and aspiring sport psychologist ? to hear from females who are so successful within an area of elite sport dominated by males. Prior to attending the FCN conference, I was in a slump regarding my own coaching. I had been facing setback after setback and was no longer enjoying coaching as much as I had done so previously.

I had lost sight of what it was that originally inspired me to coach. It was Lois Fidler?s talk at the FCN conference that encouraged me to continue through these bad patches. "

Louise Capicotto - Athletics & Powerlifting Coach (UK)

Regarding the FCN Female Coaching Conference:

?I would like to thank the FCN for giving me the chance to share my journey with the Great Britain Women?s Hockey squad at the inaugural Female Coaches Conference last weekend. Hopefully, I achieved my aim of giving you an insight into what we tried to establish in our programme that allowed the team to achieve their dream of a Gold medal last summer in Rio.

I am confident this will be the first of many Conferences as there is nothing like getting a group of like minded individuals to share and learn from each other in the same space, a truly terrific networking platform.?

Karen Brown - Assistant GB Hockey Coach at Rio 2016 Gold Medal Winner

Regarding the FCN Female Coaching Conference

"Vicky and the team at the Female Coaching Network have done an amazing job. To see so many Female coaches at every level, across so many sports in one place was uplifting. Coming together in this way presented a great opportunity to establish where we are at, what we need, and how as a network of like minded individuals we can move forward, together.

This, the first ever Female Coaches Conference also highlighted for me a number of areas that should be embraced and explored by the broader coaching community. The experiences of Women in Sport are different to men ? Fact. The challenges faced by female coaches are not exclusive to certain sports. Accessibility to experience and support to progress or for reassurance is pivotal. Where to go, who to go to and most importantly, to be given a voice, stood out.

I genuinely believe that this networking platform has so much potential. As a coaching community needs are varied and situations often complex. However a consistent message that we are here, we are committed, we want to learn, help us get better, put me in front of good people, and I?ll share what I know, came across loud and clear.
Great job FCN ? onto the next one!?

Lois Fidler - UEFA Pro License Coach, England

Regarding the FCN Female Coaching Conference

?I was so pleased to have been able to participate the first Female Coaching Network Conference. It was great to see so many female coaches together to share and learn from some truly inspirational speakers! I really enjoyed the variety of interesting workshops, that gave us some practical information and tools to use at our own trainings.

Congrats to the organisers Vicky Huyton and Project 500 on a superb event!?

Cindy Burwell - Founder of the Inside Game Coaching Conference

"The Female Coaching Network is the only network of its kind. Therefore I am more than confident and happy to support the network in any way I can.
Female coaches do not receive the same support as their male colleagues. Female coaches perceive regular disadvantage positions in building their career, receiving the same payments as male coaches for the same teams, finding opportunities to develop the skills. The Female Coaches Network fills the gap we have all been experiencing and helps women to find their own path as a coach in sport.

It is therefore that I warmheartedly support the initiative for this great platform. When I can contribute with content I would never hesitate to do this. Together we are strong, I truly hope FCN can find the support to keep doing what they have done, which is informing the female coaches of around the world, and can expand their unique work with the FCN Academy. I hope you are with ?us?, all female coaches from around the globe!"

Vera Pauw (Football Coach, Netherlands. Nominated for FIFA Best Women's Coach 2016)

?I am honoured to have spent the past 2 years collaborating with Vicky on our annual Fight To End Cancer Charity Gala in support of the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation. Through her efforts at the FCN, Vicky has singlehandedly given our cause an international presence online and within the media.
The Fight To End Cancer has been operational since 2011, forging hundreds of partnerships worldwide. The work ethic and efficiency of Vicky and the FCN has been one of our most valuable relationships. Vicky comes with my highest recommendations both personally and on a business level.?

Jennifer Huggins (Coach, Owner of Kings Way Boxing Club & Charity (Canada)

"What Vicky has achieved with the FCN is little short of amazing.? Through her own drive, determination, passion and expertise, she has created a resource which female coaches have flocked to.? With no budget, and no large team around her, Vicky has built a forum which female coaches from around the world really want to use. One which inspires, educates, and challenges them, and provides a wonderful ?safe place? to share and discuss the issues which they face in their day to day roles.? I cannot emphasise enough how well Vicky has done to get the FCN to the position it is, on her own.? I have been delighted to be able to support Vicky along the way, and am very excited by the opportunities and possibilities for the growth in number and expertise of female coaches as a direct result of a stronger and better-resourced FCN.?

Catherine Baker (Sport & Beyond UK)

?Since the connection was made we have established a partnership over the last two years and the reach of Project 500 has certainly increased thanks to the FCN hosting #womenswednesday. Our current twitter following stands at 2500, prior to the launch of #womenswednesday in October 2014 it was just short of 300.? The breadth and depth of knowledge on offer through the FCN provides incredible insight into what it is really like to be female and a sports coach.
In April 2016 we committed to bi-monthly meetings to consider new areas of collaboration, this has included joint twitter take overs with Gail Emms and Fara Gorsi and most recently a webinar with Karen Brown. Plans to host a Project 500 page on the FCN website are progressing and we will be connecting groups of new and existing female coaches through the new online FCN Academy.
The FCN is an excellent resource to support female coaches, especially those serving the core market and beyond. Given the changing nature of Coaching Delivery this resource is even more important as it frees up capacity within CSPs to develop new partnerships attract more women into coaching.
Vicky is incredibly passionate about supporting female coaches and has created an extensive network of women more than willing to share across the globe. We need to get more female coaches from the UK on board so they don?t miss out!?

Louisa Arnold - (Project 500 Lead, UK)

?Just finished the webinar with Karen Brown. This was my first webinar with FCN and I really enjoyed it despite some technical issues with sound. Karen had a friendly approach, shared with us her journey and then more recent success with great detail. Very helpful to see some of the mapping documents and schedules to appreciate the level of detail high performance teams go into. Questions by the attendees were interesting and again Karen was very helpful sharing her thoughts. I would definitely sign up for more sessions like this one in the future.Despite the fact I do not work in hockey, it has been interesting listening to coaches from another sport and learning form their experiences.?

Lorea Sarobe (Football Coach, UK)

"I have been involved with the FCN for a few months now and am really excited to be part of its growth. As FCN Ambassador, I am also excited to be supporting the brand new FCN Academy which has now been launched Worldwide.
Through my experience as an athlete, I realised the importance of being part of a team and building a network of people around you that can support you in your goals and ambitions. Connecting and learning from others is an essential part of being successful in sport, whether as an athlete or as a coach. The FCN Academy provides you with the tools to do so in your own time, at your own pace and with coaches you would never otherwise have the opportunity to connect with.
It will take time to build the network of the FCN Academy, but by joining in the early days and being as interactive with others coaches as you can be, you will be laying the foundations for an innovative and proactive tool that will allow us all to grow as a community and one day solve the issue of a lack of women in coaching positions around the World.?

Gail Emms - (Olympian & 2004 Silver Medallist, UK)

?Vicky Huyton and the Female Coaching Network have been an amazing support both in my personal development as a coach, but also for the roller derby community. Roller derby as a minority sport often misses out on larger funding pots and the level of national PR that is needed to bring more people to our sport. It's often a quirky feature rather than the consistent coverage that exists for more mainstream sports. Being so young and DIY means that the athletes have to work extra hard to make it all happen and there's little time for the collaboration that could help us all achieve more for less time. Initiatives like the Female Coaching Network and the FCN Academy are good first steps towards providing that space for knowledge sharing. By allowing roller derby to be featured as a sport alongside Football and Tennis, we're starting to build the credence we need to be sustainable. It also provides a higher profile place for roller derby coaches to find and reference and realise that we are part of a large sporting and coaching community that we can not only learn from, but that we can contribute to.
In addition to the network, Vicky has put an amazing amount of time and support into Derby Stance UK, a coaching summit for roller derby coaches, the first of its knd in the UK. It's our starting point for connectivity and having non-roller derby backing and the experience that Vicky has from supporting other events is helping to make this a really valuable event. Not only has FCN put their PR weight behind our event, but Vicky will be delivering a plenary session to raise the awareness of the coaching community and how to access it. I am so appreciative of all the time, effort, and resource that Vicky has contributed and I'm looking forward to continuing to work with her to build the FCN Academy into a brilliant place for coaches from all sporting backgrounds to meet and learn.?

Maha El Nasser (Roller Derby Coach & Founder of Rule 56 UK/ USA)

"Thanks again for your help, it is great to be a part of such an important network!"

Lucy Manley ( Sport and Health Science Masters Graduate from the University of Exeter, UK)

"It's so great to be able to read the stories of other female coaches - it makes me more proud to be one myself! Thank you to the FCN for making this all possible."

Sarah Wigan (Track & Field Coach, Canada)

?I believe it is SO valuable! I hope that more women can take advantage and get more support.?

Erica Quam (Swimming, USA)

"The Female Coaching Network is a community filled with the right people that want to help support other female coaches. The network is a crucial part to the development of current and future female coaches, as well as the experiences we face. It is a platform in which people should feel confident and ready to share, discuss and learn. If you're not already, get involved and embrace the opportunity to have a voice and support others."

Jazz Hervin (Soccer, UK)

?I wish when I started out coaching 20 years a go there was a website such as yours, opportunIties to be mentored and the internet would have been useful!?

Louise Assioun (Tennis, UK)

"I would recommend the FCN to partners. They are a proactive organisation with a passion in supporting and raising the profile of female coaches."

Project 500 Co-ordinator (UK)

?I think articles on your website are interesting and good source for other women coaches.?

Anna Dockalova (Lacrosse, Czech)

?Congratulations on this website, fantastic to see support of female coaches.?

Michelle Cowan (AFL, Australia)

?I?ve been enjoying getting involved with your website. Such a great resource.?

Kathy Butler (Track & Field, USA)

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