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Lan Yao-Gallop

Lan Yao-Gallop
Name: Lan Yao-Gallop
Sport: Tennis
Role: High Performance Coach with Tennis Canada
Nationality: Canadian

Originally from Shanghai, China, Lan trained and played for the Shanghai Tennis Team. Growing up in the Chinese sport system for 10 years, from the age of 12, she learned about hard work and discipline as key requirements for being successful in tennis and life. She was ranked top 10 in China and 600 in WTA rankings in 2000. Lan emigrated to Canada in 2002 to study English, and soon took a full-time coaching position at the Royal Glenora Club in Edmonton. She worked through Tennis Canada’s teaching system to attain Coach Level 3 certification and completed the High Performance Mentorship program in 2013. To continue pursuing a higher level of coaching experience, Lan relocated to Toronto in 2012, working as a national coach at Junior National Training Centre. She has toured extensively with junior players over the past four years. Now, Lan is dedicated to junior development at the University of Alberta Saville Centre and continues to work with Tennis Canada, participating in National Camps and International tours.