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By and large, the coaches who taught me how to grow up and become a woman were, well, women.

Bea Chang

Basketball Coach based in U.S.A

You've got to have balls. I think that's it, in a metaphoric sense, but you?ve got to have balls.

Mel Marshal

GB Swim coach to WR Holder & Olympic Champion Adam Peaty

The more role models there are, the more that it will change. People do see it as a career now so I do expect more female coaches in the coming years.

Karen Brown

GB Hockey Assistant Coach - Olympic Champions 2016

You gotta get your butt in the gym! You can't nap your way to being a great shooter!

Bobbie Kelsey

Basketball Coach based in the U.S.A

You should never stay at the same level. Always push yourself to the next.

Marnelli Dimzon

Football Coach based in the Philipeans

It should always be about the kids. Everything you do should be to make sure the kids you coach have a positive experience and learn all the great life lessons that sports can teach.

Helen Williams

Basketball Coach based in U.S.A & Author of 'Coach Like A Mother'.

Walk your talk. Do what you say you are going to do. Always strive to be better. Go with your gut instinct and what feels right.

Gail Parata

New Zealand born Netball Coach, Head of Scotland Team

My advice would be to persevere and have fun! I think a major factor in adherence to any activity is fun. Apart from advice I would try to find out why the fencer is finding it difficult to progress. There might be so many different factors involved starting from environmental to personal and all in between. If I can find out what the problem or difficulty is I can start to work it out with the athlete.

Ute Scholl

Fencing Coach based in Germany

They say discipline and dedication and respect are the key factors, but patience is a virtue that is absolutely essential!

Ria Ramnarine

Boxing Coach based in Trinidad & Tobago

The only thing I was worried about was giving my best. If you can't do that you better not do it [coach], you better take the common job, because coaching takes a lot out of you.

Vera Pauw

International Football Coach, nominated for FIFA coach of the year 2016

We communicate all the time, even when we don't realize it. Be aware of body language."

Pat Summitt

Legendary Basketball coach who passed away in 2016

Get tough skin, don't believe everything you read in the media and don't read too much in the media either. Find inspiration and Believe in yourself and go with your gut and smile, never second guess yourself.

Mellisa Hyndman

Internationl Netball Coach from Australia

Work hard every day and open your mind to learning.

Shelley Kerr

Scotland Ladies FC Head Coach

Don't let stereotypes stand in your way and don't be your own limiting factor.

Brenda Willis

Retired Volleyball Coach from Canada

I've come to understand and accept that we will never be as physically strong as the men, but by understanding our bodies and focusing on technique we can do what the men can do without brute force and ignorance. A lot of male coaches don't take the time to learn this and we do it naturally and this should be our gift to share.

Rikki Bingham

GB Paralympic Team Archery Coach

Know what your core values are and always stick with them!

Lin Dunn

WNBA Championship Winning Coach based in the USA

A successful women is one who can build a strong foundation with the bricks others have thrown at her" - be that woman!

Nicky Pearson

Soccer Referee Development based in Canada

Never expect to be handed opportunity. Get your head down and work hard, it doesn't go unnoticed. Be honest with yourself and push yourself to grow as uncomfortable as it might be. Don?t worry about mistakes and not being ready because in those moments of failure the most learning takes place. Those moments will stay with you forever. I can honestly say that it has been a long and often bumpy journey but it's worth it, stick with it.

Lois Fidler

UEFA Pro Licence Football Coach based in the U.K

Believe in yourself, have an aptitude to learn and go knocking on doors to keep putting yourself into positions where you can get better. Go on coaching courses, go and observe, ask questions, be around people that you can learn from. There are so many things on twitter and the internet to gain information, but just be careful what you take in and what you see as the right thing. Try things, if it doesn't work, then reflect on it. Always continue to learn and progress and develop yourself.

Marieanne Spacey

Football Coach based in the UK

You have to be data driven you got to look at your programme and set goals for your athletes and revisit those goals on a weekly or bi-weekly basis and helping them make the adjustments so they can be at their optimum.

Nicole Lincoln

Track Coach based in the USA

It is easier to do a job right than to explain why you didn't.

Martina Navratilova

International Tennis Coach & Mulitple Grand Slam Champion
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