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FCN Academy Speed Coach

FCN Academy Speed Coach

Sport Speed         Country Europe

As well as being the founder of the Female Coaching Network (FCN), Vicky Huyton has been a Track & Field Coach for over 15 years and has worked at all levels of the sport.? From teaching young children the fundamentals of running to working with elite level adults in reaching their peaks, Vicky has a wide range of experience working with all abilities of athletes.

Having worked alongside some of most renowned speed coaches in the World including?Loren Seagrave?(coach to numerous Olympic Gold medallists, NFL Super Bowl Champions and a host of World Champions),?Tom Tellez?(Coach to four time Olympic Gold Medallist Carl Lewis) and?Clyde Hart?(coach to two time Olympic Gold medallist and two time World Record holder Michael Johnson), she has also been a part of the UKAthletics Female Coach Legacy Programme, the England Athletics National Sprints Coach Programme and was a member of the UKA Women?s Coaching Committee until she founded the FCN in 2014. ?Vicky has also mentored a number of coaches and written articles for magazines such as FitPro and Athletics Weekly.

Over the last 7 years, Vicky has worked as a speed coach outside of athletics in sports such as gymnastics, ice-hockey, football / soccer and rugby and worked with a number of high profile athletes including Man City Ladies and England Ladies players Toni Duggan and Jill Scott and coaching greats such as Mo Marley.? In 2016, she become the Coaching Consultant for Spar International to support their sponsorship of the European Athletics Championships and continues to deliver workshops for them at major Championships.

Vicky is a big believer in mastering the fundamentals first and working on the body as a whole to produce results.? By incorporating mobility, flexibility, technique and strength , Vicky will work with your players and coaches to ensure a lasting legacy of speed and will tailor sessions and workshops to your players and teams individual needs.