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Coaches Call To Action

Coaches Call To Action

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Through our conversations with female coaches across the globe it has become clear that in every country and every sport, female coaches are often faced with situations that in other environments and workplaces would be considered unacceptable, inappropriate, hostile or even abusive. Unfortunately, as often the only female in the room, we keep silent or do not challenge offending or inappropriate comments or behavior because to do so would put our careers in jeopardy. ?Examples of this are:


  • In a professional setting being addressed as ?Dear? ?Honey? ?kiddo? or ?Sweetie?
  • Male coaches referring to the girls or women they are working with in sexualized terms and being told you are overreacting when you call them on it.
  • Colleagues dismissing your dissenting opinion because, ?it must be your time of the month.?
  • Your boss hitting on you in front of the team you are coaching.
  • A male colleague tells you ?You are too pretty to be coaching.?


These are just a few examples of the kinds of comments and situations that female coaches encounter on a regular basis. Indeed they are so prevalent as to have become normalized and accepted as simply a part of the job. It is time that changed.

To document the systemic nature of these situations, the Female Coaching Network (FCN)?is currently compiling a collection of stories from female coaches about their experiences. The goal of this project is two-fold;

  1. The first is to give a voice and support to female coaches and show they are not alone in their experiences.
  2. The second is to raise awareness and to stimulate discussion about the reality of what female coaches face. The goal is to bring to light and begin to change the culture and normalization of these behaviors and stop the acceptance of ?that?s just the way it is.?

We understand that it can be hard to share these stories, and that publicly calling out organizations and people with whom you work can have repercussions.?This survey is written to protect the confidentiality of those wishing to share their story by providing complete anonymity. At your request all names of people, clubs, organizations, and locations will be stripped out of your story so that your story will not be linked to you. These stories will be used and shared in order to illuminate the systemic and widespread ?crap? that female coaches routinely face. We want to create change and sharing our stories is one way we can work toward that goal!


We hope that you will share your story and join with us as we work to bring about positive change to the culture of coaching!



Sarah?(FCN Ambassador)? ? ? ? ?& ? ? ?Vicky?(FCN Founder)



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