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Leeds Beckett University; The Bigger Picture

Leeds Beckett University; The Bigger Picture

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The FCN have joined forces with Leeds Beckett University (UK) to lead the way in conducting much needed research into female coaches around the World. ?This variety of research will provide the sporting world with the raw data and real stories of what the real picture is out there for female coaches. ?We hope this research can be used by governing bodies, clubs, corporations and coaches themselves to understand the need for increasing coaching diversity in their workforce, the impact that female coaches have on their community and ultimately, why we need more female coaches.


Using our global network of over 50,000 coaches, we aim to work with a number of third parties interested in increasing the provision, opportunities and equality for female coaches, whilst supporting female coaches themselves in developing their careers. ?We will continue to dig deep into the issues which prevent women from reaching the top of their sport and achieving their own goals, strive towards increasing the volume of the voice women coaches have and using the findings to steer projects for women coaches in the right direction.


If your organisation is interested in working with the FCN and Leeds Beckett University and have a suggestion for research, please contact us at: