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Casey Stoney?s ?hell of a journey? to manager of Man United (UK)

It has, says Casey Stoney, been a ?a hell of a journey?, one that has felt like an interminable battle at times, both personally and professionally, with so many voices telling her she could never be what she wanted to be. The battling is far from over, she says, and it can still be wearying, but she?s never been in a better place. Life is good.

?I?ve got three amazing children, I?ve got an amazing partner, I?m head coach of Manchester United, and I?ve done all of this because of me and the people who have supported me.?

She thinks back to the night she led the Great Britain team out at Wembley for their London 2012 game against Brazil in front of a crowd of 70,000, a moment that made all that battling seem worthwhile.

?It was like all the early mornings had been worth it, the full days at work, all the late nights training, training on Christmas Day, the tears, the highs, the lows, all the sexism, all the homophobia, all the times I was told I couldn?t do or be something. ?Look, I?m here now, I?ve overcome all of you, I persevered?,? she says, before smiling and thrusting two fingers in the air.



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