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Dr Julia Walsh named first woman to coach national men’s basketball team (Australia)

Dr Julia Walsh has been appointed the first woman to coach a national men’s basketball team in Australia, taking up the position with the Australian Boomerangs Men’s team for athletes with intellectual disabilities.

She takes on the role 12 months out from the team competing in the International Federation for Intellectual Impairment Sport (INAS) in Brisbane next year.

Based at Deakin University’s Centre for Sport Research and the School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences, Dr Walsh said her appointment offers a great example of the pathways available for women pursuing coaching.

“It is transformational for players and others watching as it disrupts common views on who can coach,” she said.

“As the number of women playing sport increases globally, we see a decrease in the number of women in leadership positions, always good to add a positive number.

“But it should be noted that being appointed is the easiest part, like any coach you will be judged by athlete outcomes so you also need to do the job,” she said.



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