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Erin Hamlin Slides Into Temporary Role Coaching Team USA At Luge World Championships (USA)

Erin Hamlin has gone to ?the cold side.?

That?s what she calls her two-week stint as an assistant coach for Team USA at the luge world championships, which begin Friday in the aptly named Winterberg, Germany.

?Everyone is like, ?Oh you do luge, you must love the cold,?? said Hamlin, the 2014 Olympic bronze medalist in women?s singles who retired after the Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018. ?And I?m like, ?I sit inside for most of my days.??

Not anymore. While athletes retreat to the warmth of the start house and finish house between runs, the coaches, Hamlin said, ?are out there in the elements braving the cold. They stand outside the whole session.?

Brrrrr. Hamlin has been ?finding little sunshine spots and standing in them? during breaks in training to keep from freezing.

Yet she hasn?t looked longingly at the start house ? she can?t even see it from where she?s stationed ? nor has she yearned to zoom down the track.

?Not at all,? Hamlin said. ?It?s actually been pretty cool to be able to be here and not have any nagging or negative vibes about that. I?m totally good with not being on a sled.?

When she arrived in Winterberg on Jan. 15, Hamlin admitted it was a ?weird feeling. I?m in the same hotel, same routine, same feel being in Germany, the whole deal. It?s kind of like I never left.?

Hamlin, 32, started luge at age 12 and retired after her fourth Olympics in PyeongChang, where she was the Team USA flag bearer at the Opening Ceremony.

After winning two world championship gold medals and two silvers and accumulating 23 world cup podiums, including four victories, Hamlin is now living what most people take for granted as a normal life.

She married Jonathan Hodge in July and for the first time since the winter of 2001-02 Hamlin wasn?t on the road with the national team.

She spent the holidays in the United States with family, enjoying ?the little mundane things like grocery shopping and cooking and getting the foods that I want at the grocery store.?

That?s instead of living out of a suitcase for four months, eating hotel food and doing her laundry in a hotel sink.



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