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Could the future of sports coaching in India ever be female? (India)

A quick web search for women coaches throws up more search results for train coaches rather than women sports coaches. ?This, in a country, where it is only women who managed to make their names in Olympics,? says Sunil Dabas, the only woman coach to be given a Padma Shri in India, ever.

The founder of Olympics games in 1896, Pierre de Coubertin described women?s sport as ?the most unaesthetic sight human eyes could contemplate? and advised that some of the disciplines be reserved for women, though a few females were allowed to compete from 1900.

According to a 2016 report, almost half of National Olympic Committees surveyed by the IOC have fewer than 20 per cent of women on their Executive Boards, including ten nations who had no women at all.

In Indian sports association governing bodies, women constitute between two per cent and eight per cent. Hockey India, with 34 per cent female representation, is the only exception.

Dabas is the coach of national kabaddi women?s team and has led her team to win six gold medals in 2010 Asian Games and 2012 World cup. ?Women are not given enough representation anywhere. Look at this. The Indian Kabaddi League has hit the fifth year but we have still not been able to start kabaddi league for women in India. Why??


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