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?I?m a coach who happens to be a woman?: Meet Iron?s gender-bending assistant coach (USA)

Birmingham Iron assistant coach Lori Locust began coaching football more than a decade ago, logging time at the high school, semi-pro and arena-league levels.

Now, she — yes, she — is finally a full-time football coach.

Locust serves on Tim Lewis’ coaching staff, working with defensive linemen, for Birmingham’s professional football team in the Alliance of American Football, which kicks off its inaugural season this spring.

What does Locust think about being a gender-bending trailblazer and one of the few female coaches in the male-dominated world of pro football?

“I don’t look at it that way,” the 54-year-old Locust said in a phone interview from Iron training camp in San Antonio, Texas. “When I went into this, it’s because I loved football, and opportunities kept being put in my path, thank God, and I was able to take advantage. For me, I’m looking at it as I’m a coach who happens to be a woman. I’m not a woman who happens to be a coach.

“And I do understand there’s responsibilities from a role-modelish standpoint,” she continued, “but it’s really odd to say it, but I’ve never thought about in that (trailblazer) perspective. I just want to be a coach. I just want coach and set a good example based on my knowledge and have a good reputation so that when other coaches ask about me, I get the same favorable response a man would in the same position.



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