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A letter written to local US newspaper highlights yet more violation of Title IX (USA)



Athletic director,?football coach should be separate jobs
Dear Editor:
I read The Press and Standard articles on the shortage of teachers and the search for a new athletic director/football coach with a master?s degree with interest.
As the school district searches for another head football coach and athletic director (with a master?s degree), they are about to repeat the same mistake they made three years ago when they failed to recognize the conflict of interest that a head football coach and AD will have with every sport other than football. The district is about to recruit another mediocre coach with little concern for other sports, because his success or failure will be determined on the football field ? not as an unsupervised athletic director.
After allowing four years for the new coach to ?rebuild? the football team, while he neglects the rest of high school sports and corrupts the athletic booster club at the expense of students, athletes, parents and tax payers, the district will be right where it is today ? in search of a new AD.
By making the head football coach the athletic director, the district eliminates the possibility of a woman applying for the job.? Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 is the federal law prohibiting gender discrimination in athletic programs at institutions that receive federal funds.? If I were a female teacher and coach looking for a job, I would ignore a school district that doesn?t allow a woman to become the athletic director.
The former AD, Mrs. Browning, and the interim AD, Mrs. Townsend, are excellent examples of the outstanding work a woman can perform as an athletic director, regardless of degree.? A high school as large as CCHS requires a district athletic director with no additional duties.? Mrs. Townsend would make an exceptional athletic director.
Does your daughter or granddaughter play football? Girls participate in crosscountry, track, volleyball, soccer, softball, basketball, tennis and cheerleading (a CCHS female student even wrestled one year).? By selecting a male football coach as the athletic director, the district is ignoring the potential of female student athletes who represent half of the student body.? All other male sports will again become second to the sport of football.? Would you like your son or daughter to be coached by an assistant football coach who was also assigned to coach tennis, even though he didn?t know how to keep score in tennis?? Most of the banners suspended in the CCHS basketball court honor female athletes.
The former CCHS principal was promoted to the current position of District Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources.? The DASHR mentions a committee interview process that doesn?t include parents.? No parent member of the CCHS PTSO or SIC interviewed the former AD.? The former CCHS principal did not get to vote on the decision to make the football coach the AD.? The district superintendent hired the football coach and approved the coach?s promotion to athletic director.
A qualified teacher and coach would jump at the opportunity to coach a 4A high school football team.? A football coach doesn?t need a master?s degree.? The district could save money by negotiating a salary with a teacher in the district.? Supported by a qualified AD, the football team and new coach would have unlimited potential.? And, if the coach has to be replaced, CCHS doesn?t lose the AD, providing continuity for student athletics.? If the AD is otherwise qualified, don?t make a master?s degree the deciding factor.? Hire her or him and adjust the salary to their qualifications.
Gate fees and concession sales should not influence the priority of sports.? I have seen as many home team soccer fans at away games as at CCHS for home football games.? Every student athlete pays the same athletic fee to participate in any sport.? Managed correctly, sports like boys? and girls? soccer can generate income at home games.
Now that football players have permission to wrestle, the CCHS wrestling team has had one of the best seasons ever.? By coaching a sport other than football, the AD could better support all of the fall sports.? With his experience as a coach who volunteered to become a licensed bus driver, the wrestling coach, Mr. Burke, would also make an excellent choice for AD.
The CCHS principal and interim athletic director (both women) have spent a lot of after-hours time resolving the problems created by the last AD.? CCHS requires a qualified woman or man with the leadership traits to positively influence coaches, athletic booster club members, students, teachers and parents.? The qualified AD will improve parent support for student athletics.
The AD is the priority, not the football coach.? If the district hires a separate athletic director and approaches football with the same expectations of any high school sport, the improvement of the athletic program remains a possibility ? especially under the leadership of a woman.

J.K. O?Quinn
Parent of a CCHS student and vice president of the CCHS PTSO



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