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‘Maybe you should go back to women?s rugby? (Ireland)

Several Irish women who have broken the glass ceiling by coaching elite men?s teams say the only problems they ever encounter come from the opposition.

Former Irish international Tania Rosser, who is a Stage 4 rugby coach, is the first woman to coach a senior men?s team in Ireland.

She is part of Clontarf?s senior men?s management (as skills coach) and is also head coach for their men?s second team. She revealed she has been told by opponents ?maybe you should go back to women?s rugby. You don?t know anything about rugby.?

Rosser said the absence of coaching opportunities in the women?s game is why she is developing her skills and expertise in the men?s game. ?Clontarf took a punt on me and, without them, I wouldn?t be where I am now. Once I felt the players wanted me it was an opportunity I was prepared to take.?

Lisa Fallon has worked with Cork City FC for the last six years and been video analyst with Northern Ireland?s men?s team. She said: ?It actually doesn?t matter how good you are, or how much better you are than someone else. If someone out there doesn?t give you the opportunity, you can?t achieve anything.?

She said John Caulfield was pivotal to her progress and that she is now a Uefa Pro Licence holder and an assistant to Caulfield.



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