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Notre Dame’s Muffet McGraw won’t take the bait as Geno Auriemma throws more barbs (USA)

Muffet McGraw doesn?t backpedal.

The Hall of Fame women?s basketball coach at Notre Dame doesn?t deal in regret very often. Blunt as a punch in the nose, she says what she means and means what she says.

As a result, she doesn?t worry about how her words might be interpreted by those outside her program, especially not when the one doing the interpreting is Geno Auriemma.

Before guiding his Connecticut Huskies to their 12th straight women?s Final Four on Sunday, the sport?s primo provocateur tossed another log onto the decades-long fire that has raged between his program and McGraw?s.

Asked about a article headlined, ?Muffet McGraw is done hiring men,? Auriemma admitted he hadn?t read the story, which highlighted alarming trends in coaching diversity for women?s sports, especially college basketball. Then he proceeded to weigh in on the matter anyway.

?I hope she sends a thank you to all those guys that used to be on her staff that got her all those good players that won a championship,? Auriemma said 800 miles away at the Albany Regional. ?I look at some of the top programs in America, and they seem to have pretty good coaches who happen to be men.?

McGraw, the only female head coach at last year?s Final Four, was quoted saying, ?People are hiring too many men? to coach women?s college sports. She gave a one-word answer ? ?No? ? when asked if she had any plans to hire another male assistant coach.



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