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The most qualified women?s swimming coach in the world wasn?t in Rio for the Olympics (USA)

The most qualified?women?s swimming coach in the world wasn?t in Rio for the Olympics. Instead she was somewhere far away, probably watching on the television like a common fan. While Women?s head coach?David Marsh helmed the United States women to an excellent performance. McKeever?s absence was conspicuous.Teri McKeever?had coached American swimmers to multiple medals in the last three Olympics. Her absence did little to alter the perception that the swim coaching ranks is still an ?old boys club?.?The combined Olympic coaching staff was entirely men. The recently released ?National Team Coaches? list has three women out of sixty one total names.

Much has been made about the progress in women?s athletics in the forty years since the passage of Title IX. There is no question that women and girls have been participating in swimming in even greater numbers than men for quite some time.?This 2014 demographics?report listed roughly 55,000 more female members than male in USA Swimming.

That participation has bolstered great performance at the Olympic level. The American women?s swimmers would have won the medal table even if the men had come up with nothing.

When you turn to the coaching ranks, there is nowhere near the same level of participation. McKeever remains the first and only woman selected as head coach of an Olympic team. Women coaching women?s Division 1 programs are rarer than men, and women coaching men are even rarer.



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