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Shaw named coach of the year (Canada)

shirley shawCoaches can often be found on benches with clipboards, strategizing their team’s next move.

Whenever a championship is won or an athlete is recognized, the coach is in the background smiling, happy on a job well done.

They aren’t often recognized for their efforts. Many coaches prefer it to remain that way.

Because it is the development of the athlete and their accomplishments that matter most to them. Coaches are there to play a pivotal role much like a teacher does to a student.

Shirley Shaw embodies the spirit of a coach that is proud of all her athletes. The Simcoe Special Olympics coach can often be found on the sidelines with a beaming smile, cheering on her swimmers at every competition.

?I do it for them,? Shaw said. ?To see them doing it and encourage them on. It keeps me going.?

Shaw began her coaching career 16 years ago when her daughter, Amanda, became involved with Simcoe Special Olympics.

?I started asking a lot of questions and then I was asked to coach,? Shaw said. ?That’s how it happened. Now it’s grown. Now we have 10 coaches, 40 swimmers and we’re doing really well. Swimming is my forte. I’ve educated myself and got my Level 3 certification. We’re building better athletes. The ones we have are phenomenal.?


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