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Soccer needs to embrace knowledge of female coaches, says Sundhage (Sweden)

With the majority of the 24 teams at the Women?s World Cup coached by men, the game needs to embrace the wealth of experience that female soccer coaches have to offer, former United States and Sweden coach Pia Sundhage told Reuters.

Only nine teams at next month?s World Cup in France will have female coaches and Sundhage said this is limiting the development of the women?s game and opportunities for women in general.

?Every woman that I have met in football has been at a very high level as a player, playing at the World Cup, the Euros and the Olympics, and they have been involved for a long time,? she said in an interview ahead of the finals starting on June 7.

?Naturally, it?s an advantage if we have more women than we have at the moment, as it?s a job. If you?re a player, your chance to become a coach increases if there are more jobs.

?But if we choose what we have always chosen, which is very often men, then you see past that woman. And what happens then is you miss out on a lot of knowledge and competence.?



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