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The benefits of being part of the Female Coaching Network are now proven…

iscjThe International Sport Coaching Journal (ISCJ) has recently published a collaborative study into the benefits of networking amongst coaches.

Whilst most coaches will admit that the real learning begins after coach education courses have finished, studies into learning via networks and communities has until know, never been focussed upon.

The Human Kinetics Journal, the ISCJ, published its latest findings in a study called Creating Value in a Sport Coach Community of Practice, in which the authors Rachael Bertram, Diane M. Culver (University of Ottawa) and Wade Gilbert (California State University, Fresno) researched the value created within what they called a ‘coach community of practice’, or a network.

A coach has many tools available for their learning and development including formal coach education, mentorship, observation and reflection.  One of the sticking points however is that the ‘leaders’ at the top of sport education (i.e. governing bodies) tend to focus their efforts on developing formal coach education programmes – ensuring that each coach passes ‘minimum’ requirements and standards.  However, by connecting and engaging with other coaches outside of this formal education setting, the individual coach can address their individual needs and solve their ‘real-life’ coaching problems easily – going beyond those ‘minimum’ standards.  Being part of a coaching network is one way of achieving this.

The study defines a ‘coach community of practice’ or a network as “groups of people who share a con- cern, a set of problems, or a passion about a topic, and who deepen their knowledge and expertise in this area by interacting on an ongoing basis.”

FCN Logo High ResThe Female Coaching Network (FCN) is an example of one these ‘coach community of practice’ and is the World’s Only Multi-Sport International Online Community for Female Sports Coaches.”  In fact, never mind the ‘female coaching only’… it is the worlds only multi-sport, international coaching community.

The FCN gives you access to thousands of female coaches from over 148 countries and over 100 sports, allowing you to learn from, connect with and share your own coaching knowledge with female coaches of all experiences and from all backgrounds.  From NBA Assistant Coaches in the US, to brand new Level 1 soccer coaches in Africa – where else could you tap in to a wealth of knowledge and experience all in one place?

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 18.21.26The more coaches you have access to, the more learning takes place and the more opportunity you have to discuss topics that help you make changes to your own coaching practices.  Being part of a network allows you to tailor your own learning to your own coaching needs and in turn become a more effective coach.

To further increase the FCN’s value to it’s coaches, the Summer of 2016 see’s the launch of the coach education arm to the FCN via the FCN Academy.  It will be the worlds only international, multi-sport social and development network.  You will be able to create your own coaching profile, ask the FCN experts your questions and establish your own smaller communities allowing you to deliver & take part in webinars, connect with like minded coaches and monitor your own coach development.

Ongoing coach development is a key element to being a great and successful coach – and through the FCN, you can not only read other coaches experiences and learn from their success (and mistakes!), but you can also connect via social media, comment boxes, our forum and the founder by emailing

For now – keep visiting for all the latest news, blogs and interviews exclusive to the FCN from female coaches around the World.

To read the full journal paper from the ISCJ – Creating Value in a Sport Coach Community of Practice


Female Coaching Network 

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