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Women?s basketball stats: Undefeated teams and gender balance in women?s college basketball coaching (USA)

The post-Christmas slate has not been kind to undefeated teams, as several teams suffered their first losses after returning from a short holiday break. There are now just 25 teams that still have a chance at a perfect season. That?s 2.3 percent of the 1,105 teams in Divisions I, II, and III.

The percentage of Division I teams with a female head coach? Thankfully, that?s a much higher percentage, hovering near 60 percent for the past few seasons.?This week?s stats roundup covers this season?s unbeaten teams and some recent perfect seasons and follows up on last week?s analysis of gender and WNBA head coaches.

There are consistently more female head coaches than male head coaches in women?s Division I basketball

Last week, I charted the percentage of female head coaches in the WNBA. In case you missed it, the last time the WNBA had more female head coaches than male head coaches was in 2010, and it?s only happened three times in the history of the league. In 2019, there will be five female and seven male head coaches.

(One quick methodological note that I didn?t mention last week: I only counted head coaches who were in place at the beginning of a season, not any interim head coaches who were appointed midseason. A full head coaching search in the offseason is very different than the hiring of an interim coach?who is usually one of the team?s assistants. I decided to count only those coaches whose teams presumably had time to conduct a full search process.)

This week, I charted the percentage of female head coaches in Division I women?s college basketball from 2007-08 through this season. Unlike the WNBA, women?s college basketball head coaches are majority-female this season and have been in every season for which I have data. In 2015-16, it wasn?t clear that that would still be the case today, as the percentage of female head coaches hit an eight-year low of 56.3 percent. But it?s increased in every season since, to 61.0 percent this year.



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