Our Work

“To empower, enable and inspire female coaches to be the best they can be whilst creating cultural change within sport and sports federations.”

Everything we do at the FCN is based around our strategy of PRO.  (To find out more about PRO, CLICK HERE) and the aim of that strategy is to ensure both coaches and sports federations have all they need to work towards gender equality in coaching. 


Our pledge to coaches is “to provide you with a supportive arena to connect, share and develop.  We will help you access resources that will improve your own performance as a coach and the tools to build the networks and relationships you need to succeed.”  

We do this in the following ways:

  • providing a unique innovative online resources such as ‘The Network‘ and ‘Coach Corner‘ to educate and inspire 
  • deliver networking events around the World allowing coaches to connect
  • create a network of external partners that offer discounts to resources and events
  • provide a supportive and safe membership environment to allow female coaches to connect, share and develop

Sports Federations 

Our pledge to sports federations and organisations is “to provide you with the tools, knowledge and resources to support an increase of women coaches throughout your sport”

We do this in the following ways:

  • undertake benchmarking exercises and collation of statistics showcasing the current situation of gender equality within the organisation
  • deliver workshops and presentations to staff on the importance of gender equality in coaching 
  • promote good examples of good practice and strategies to work towards gender equality within high performance coaching 
  • support the delivery of any current gender equality projects