You do the very important job of connecting us, and I don’t know that everybody understands how valuable that is because there has to be some type of communication where we can almost feel safe in the fact that we can ask certain questions or pose certain situations or share experiences. Even though the sports might be different, I think we have all run into some of the same challenges or problems, or even successes. We need to know that it’s OK to say that because there aren’t a whole lot of us still out here. You have become more of a resource - and providing us all with the ability to communicate - which is beyond valuable!

Lori Locust

Assistant D-Line Coach - Tampa Bay Buccaneers (NFL)

I think there is a lot changing, but there still needs more to be done. The fact that you have the Female Coaching Network which has started and the following is growing – having different women from different sports doing interviews and talks is so important. Sharing knowledge is the bet way forward and the more woman that can come forward and be seen coaching the more girls will get involved in sport.

Liz McColgan

Former world Champion & Track Coach

"The Female Coaching Network is the only network of its kind. Therefore I am more than confident and happy to support the network in any way I can. Female coaches do not receive the same support as their male colleagues. Female coaches perceive regular disadvantage positions in building their career, receiving the same payments as male coaches for the same teams, finding opportunities to develop the skills. The Female Coaches Network fills the gap we have all been experiencing and helps women to find their own path as a coach in sport. It is therefore that I warmheartedly support the initiative for this great platform. When I can contribute with content I would never hesitate to do this. Together we are strong, I truly hope FCN can find the support to keep doing what they have done, which is informing the female coaches of around the world, and can expand their unique work with the FCN Academy. I hope you are with ?us?, all female coaches from around the globe!"

Vera Pauw

FIFA Coach (Nominated for FIFA Coach of the Year 2016)

What Vicky has achieved with the FCN is little short of amazing. Through her own drive, determination, passion and expertise, she has created a resource which female coaches have flocked to. With no budget, and no large team around her, Vicky has built a forum which female coaches from around the world really want to use. One which inspires, educates, and challenges them, and provides a wonderful safe place to share and discuss the issues which they face in their day to day roles. I cannot emphasise enough how well Vicky has done to get the FCN to the position it is, on her own. I have been delighted to be able to support Vicky along the way, and am very excited by the opportunities and possibilities for the growth in number and expertise of female coaches as a direct result of a stronger and better-resourced FCN.

Catherine Baker

Sport and Beyond (Founder)

The Female Coaching Network is a community filled with the right people that want to help support other female coaches. The network is a crucial part to the development of current and future female coaches, as well as the experiences we face. It is a platform in which people should feel confident and ready to share, discuss and learn. If you're not already, get involved and embrace the opportunity to have a voice and support others.

Jazz Hervin

Football Coach (U.K)

Regarding the FCN Female Coaching Conference in 2017: I would like to thank the FCN for giving me the chance to share my journey with the Great Britain Women's Hockey squad at the inaugural Female Coaches Conference last weekend. Hopefully, I achieved my aim of giving you an insight into what we tried to establish in our programme that allowed the team to achieve their dream of a Gold medal last summer in Rio. I am confident this will be the first of many Conferences as there is nothing like getting a group of like minded individuals to share and learn from each other in the same space, a truly terrific networking platform.

Karen Brown

GB Assistant Hockey Coach & Rio Olympic Games Gold medallist

The conference was ABSOLUTELY amazing. To see so many women from so many different backgrounds, sport, etc all in one place, learning together - the excitement was surreal.

Karen Krakow

Track Coach (U.S.A)